help your Waiheke garden thrive !!!


Regenerative Gardening Group on Waiheke Island

monthly meeting with the full moon -

demonstrations, hands on, discussions and lunch!

Every Sunday before the full moon of each month we will meet and share what we are doing here at Corner Garden. Our vision, and how we plan to get there. A garden tour, practical soil and plant education, and a deliscious lunch with interesting folk.

Each monthly meeting will provide a great look at what opportunities are available to us at that time throughout the year. David can explain regenerative gardening philosophy and current techniques, with a focus on soil practises for us here on Waiheke, with our hot dry summers with severe water limitations, and our temperate wet winters with heavy clay soils.

2021 Sessions will be ...

March 25 / April 25th / May 23rd / June 20 / July 18 / August 22nd 

September 19th / October 17th / November 14th / December 19th

You are welcome to join in and gain experience in hands on exercises - mixing our own potting soils, seeding, harvesting, or preparing a garden bed for freshly divided roots of a valuable perennial like rhubarb or turmeric. You are also very welcome to stay for a yummy Pot-luck lunch where David will try to answer any questions. We will provide delicious fresh salads, baked bread and teas. Please bring something to share if you can!

10.00.a.m ~ 12.00.p.m  -  Practical, hands on and skill sharing.

12.00.p.m ~ 2.00.p.m  -  Shared lunch and discussion.

$20 or KOHA :) no worries  -  @ CORNER GARDEN  

-  23 Ostend Road, Waiheke Island.

RSVP contact David

A typical session may include -

> weeding/watering techniques

> Japanese natural farming techniques

     - the schools of Fukuoka, Kawaguchi, and the traditional Satoyama concept.

> preparing potting soil and seeding

> prepping garden beds and propagating perennials

> regenerative soil practises

> planning, contour and design

> put 'weeds' to work

> a biological / microbial approach 

> the calorie economy / lazy ways 

> permaculture and bio-intensive explained

> Mycellium and mushrooms

> the odd behaviour of water 

> nutrients and oxygen

> Eh, not Ph - the electrical nature of biology

> Plant propagation and the joy of self seeding plants

> water management

> pests and diseases

> seed saving

> harvesting, cooking, and of course, eating!

Sounds complex perhaps, but it is very simple once you begin to understand the 'nature' of what is happening in nature. Through observing what is happening we can bring a wholeness to our lives and health to our families . Most of what we do in modern day agriculture (and modern day life!) is unnecessary!

Hope to see you there !

David and Hana.

"the least calories input for the most calories output"

- to paraphrase Bill Mollison, the founder of permaculture