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help your Waiheke garden thrive !!!


Regenerative Gardening Mentorship

You are welcome to join us and gain experience in hands on exercises -

> weeding/watering techniques

> Japanese natural farming techniques

     - the schools of Masanobu Fukuoka, Kawaguchi, and the Satoyama concept.

> preparing potting soil and seeding

> prepping garden beds and propagating perennials

> regenerative soil practises

> planning, contour and design

> put 'weeds' to work

> a biological / microbial approach 

> the calorie economy / lazy ways 

> permaculture and bio-intensive explained

> Mycellium and mushrooms

> the odd behaviour of water 

> nutrients and oxygen

> Eh, not Ph - the electrical nature of biology

> Plant propagation and the joy of self seeding plants

> water management

> pests and diseases

> seed saving

> harvesting, cooking, and of course, eating!

Sounds complex perhaps, but it is very simple once you begin to understand the 'nature' of what is happening. Through observation we can bring a wholeness to our lives and health to our families . Most of what we do in modern day agriculture (and modern day life!) is quite unnecessary!

Conatct David if you are interested in learning more ...

- to paraphrase Bill Mollison, the founder of permaculture 
"the least calories input for the most calories output"

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