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*making*holidays for families

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

April 23 / 24 / 25

Making Holidays for families

Bring the family and make something beautiful... This is a 3 day creative programme for the school holidays, but not just for kids.

We would love all of you to join. It's great for little ones to see everybody enjoying the creative journey when making something... creating lovely things with their hands.

No lesson plans or teachers, just plenty of materials, tools, and possibilities -

this is a chance for everyone to do as they wish, which is how things seem to work best. ​ Often we are: weaving, bamboo carving, painting, drawing, music, sewing, dying, paper craft and origami, clay and whatever else we have on hand when the time rolls up. We do try to use only natural or repurposed materials that we can find that are growing nearby, freely available, or going to waste.

We ask $20 per person per day,

Talk to us about pricing plans for families - we are flexible. ​ ​

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