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the little Ostend Hall restoration project

a new life for the oldest remaining Ostend community meeting place.


the 'little Ostend Hall' (Formerly known as the Ostend Ratepayers Hall) has been steadfastly supporting community in Ostend for many many years. Since it's completion in 1955, the hall has had many faces; At different times a dance hall and a local library, meeting place of the green party and alcoholics anonymous. Forest and bird gatherings and music lessons. The hall has been bringing together the community for positive development, and to resolve important issues for over 65years.



Unfortunately, the hall has fallen into disrepair over the last 20 years.

Now, the Trust tasked with the stewardship of the building and property has made the decision to invest the time and energy into restoring the function of this unique place.

Together, we will revive the hall. Our aim is not only to make it a useful asset to the people of Ostend and Waiheke at large, but to make a beacon of joy in the neighbourhood.

the PLAN

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