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Do Bamboo ! make your own kitchen tools

a workshop, with David.

My interpretation of the Japanese tea ceremony, is that it is an applied lifting of one of the simplest and humblest moment of life, into one of the most noble, or 'conscious' perhaps. - it follows, that the ordinary things we have in our lives, that we hold in our hands nearly everyday, should be made with care, attention. It stands to reason, as all matter is a form of memory... I find using these simple objects I have made myself brings me much joy in life... 

The workshop: carving is a meditative activity, though it's often a conversation meanders through a group, as everyone scoops and rasps their vsion into reality. People are always surprised how much they enjoy this craft, and it is fun playing with knives.Tools and materials are supplied, though you are welcome to bring whatever you wish to use... 

We are often at the Ostend Market, come sit and whittle awhile?

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