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We will be showing work at the local gallery, the Red Shed, some will be for sale and we will be doing a workshops there the last weekend - May 29&30.

You are welcome to join us , 10.a.m ~ 12.p.m.

Join as at the opening for a wine and a nibble! May 01st, from 4.30.p.m

Common Ground is where we find it – and each other.

This May, Common Ground can be found at the Red Shed every week-end when Waiheke potters from the Catherine Mitchell Pottery Club show and present for sale samples, artworks, functional domestic ware, and avant-garde experiments, all sourced from the ground on which we stand. 

The works reflect our fascination with the alchemy of locally sourced materials interacting with heart, hands, and heat in a community-based studio setting. You can learn about cracking, dunting, crawling, crazing, slumping, shivering and more. Can’t wait to get your hands dirty? Join us processing local clay, or dredge through the slippery dip. It's messy, this life of clay, but so much fun, fulfilling and truly transformational.

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